The app doesn’t list my local Laundry. What do I do?

The app will list all Laundries that have partnered with Servo. If your preferred Laundry is not listed, please get in touch with us to recommend that we partner with your Laundry. In the meantime, you may choose from our trusted Laundry partners that are listed on the app.

Who are the drivers?

Each Laundry - that has partnered with Servo - has registered their preferred and trusted drivers with us. These drivers are employees of their respective Laundries.

What if something in my order goes missing, or gets damaged?

When you place your order you will complete an item list. Servo will ensure the items you give us, match the items on your list. This is double-checked at the Laundry. Any pre-existing damage to an item will be recorded on the item list. If any loss or damage does occur, your Laundry will be liable to refund you for that item or cover the cost of damage.

What services do you offer?

All standard Laundry services are available through Servo; items may be washed, dried, ironed and dry cleaned. In partnership with our Laundries, we offer these services for small items (underwear, socks, ties, etc.), medium items (shirts, shorts, pants, etc.), large items (jackets, coats, jerseys, suits etc.) and extra-large items (sheets, duvets, curtains, blankets etc.).

How much will it cost?

Every Laundry operates according to their own pricing structure and Servo works within these frameworks. The pricing of the service is entirely dependent upon your local Laundry’s rates. We have structured our pricing to be both reasonable and offer a high-end service to you, the Servo customer.

How do I know my clothes will be picked up and dropped off safely?

We know that safety is at the forefront of most people's minds so we have implemented a tech-based solution to ensure the safety of your goods when using Servo. Every pick-up and delivery will be tagged with a QR code which can be used to keep track of your order. When your driver collects your goods, he/she will scan the QR code assigned to your order. Upon delivery of the completed order, the same scanning process will be followed.