Grow your Laundry business

Servo is here to help you grow your SME into another profit margin. If you do the math of what just five more customers a day could do for your laundry for a month, it’s a massive growth
(that’s around R20 000 more a month)

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The pitch

As you know technology is transforming our daily lives. Think Uber, Airbnb, Google and Facebook, everything can be done from your phone from ordering a taxi to ordering a hotel and now the time has come to do the same with Laundry.

Servo is a brand-new application that allows customers to order their laundry from a click of a button. Your laundry can accept and decline any orders. You may choose your own pricing and run your own promotions for your laundry. Servo will connect your laundry with many more customers daily, from corporates on the go to lazy students to busy sports moms.

Sign up for free

By signing your Laundry up to the new Application, you will get a full back end point of sales system for the application, A Drivers mobile app to collect and deliver with awesome navigation features and a whole lot more customers which equals more profit.

How it works

There is nothing to lose in signing up to this application, and you may cancel it anytime. There is ZERO sign-up fee, and it is FREE for the first two months. Thereafter there will be a small monthly retainer of R320. The retainer includes all marketing into your area for your Laundry, training for the application process, management throughout your contract, broachers and information for your customers from your laundry. What is there to lose?

We are offering this service on a first-come-first-serve basis. You see, we don’t want to flood the market with a copious amount of Laundries in one area, so by limiting the exclusivity to a certain few Laundries per area. You can take advantage of the customers. In no time, you could be the best Laundry in your area.

Still have questions, or want to sign up?

We’re happy to help with any questions you might have. Please contact our founder of Servo Dane Harris at or 078 6433714 via WhatsApp. Alternatively, you can fill out the form below.